The Inspector Rebus series is commercially successful in the United Kingdom, accounting for an estimated 10% of all crime book sales in the UK as of 2015. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations. Edinburgh is about to become the home of the first Scottish parliament in 300 years. More like Jekyll and Hyde. You are successfully signed up. Among the colleagues, the most important is Siobhan Clarke, whose point of view is often as fully represented as Rebus's in the novels beginning with Set in Darkness (2000). Does she want to help him? From the latest Scandinavian serial killer to Golden Age detective stories, we love our crime novels! Is catching up with Rebus. "Gavin Esler in Conversation with Ian Rankin," University of Kent, 12 Feb 2016, at 4:47. Five years later, Ken Stott picked up where Hannah had left off, filming three series (10 episodes) as Rebus. In fact, its likely youve watched something hes worked on such as The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes, Coronation Street or Cold Feet. The character also frequents the Oxford Bar on Young Street in the city centre. I have read them all and over the years they have given me immense reading pleasure. John Hannah was the first, playing the detective in four episodes between 2000 and 2001. Beans are threatened to be spilled, which might implicate one John Rebus. 'There was only one exit from the alley, and he took it, running past Cafferty's men. Everyone Read More, From the iconic Number One bestseller Ian Rankin, comes one of the must-read books of the year: A SONG FOR THE DARK TIMES 'Genius Only great novels capture the spirit of the age. Rhona is Rebus's ex-wife. Nordic streaming service Viaplay will produce a new Rebus adaptation, starring Richard Rankin, marking it as the company's first UK original.[23]. I did not find this the best or most exciting book by Ian Rankin that I have read and I have read many of them. French crime show Astrid: Murder in Paris comes to More4. Her musings are not made any easier when the Haggard case turns into a major incident and Malcolm Fox is drafted in. Please take a moment to review it. Rebus tutted at Siobhan Clarke. Well, not yet. Caffertys presence is often found in the background of the cases that Rebus and Clarke are working on but there is never enough evidence to make an arrest. During a debate with Cafferty, Rebus ask the Weasel's fate, and Cafferty reply that "The Weasel is history", doing believe that The Weasel was dismissed or also murdered. It opens with Rebus in the dock, charged with something but crucially the reader does not know what. ", "She wouldn't be flattered by that remark," says Rankin, "because it implies she's put her womanness aside to become one of the boys. The novels, centred on Detective Inspector John Rebus, are mostly based in and around Edinburgh. Just as Holmes had Moriarty, Rebus has Big Ger Cafferty, a notorious Edinburgh crime boss and constant headache for Rankins detective. The days of harum-scarum treks across Scotland seem to be gone, and Rankin writes well about dealing will chronic illness. Scudder (an ex-cop and a man with his own strict moral code) related to a tough-guy hoodlum called Mick Ballou. Psychologist Alex Delaware and LAPD lieutenant Milo Sturgis have been investigating deaths in the LA suburbs since the award-winning When The Bough Breaks, and now here is Unnatural History, the, As well as writing crime novels, Tim Sullivan is well known as a director and screenwriter. However, what Cafferty has to say sends Rebus rocking on his heels. Stuart Hepburn. In 2005 Rankin published Rebus's Scotland: A Personal Journey, and Rebus-themed walking tours of Edinburgh have been available. 'That sort of thing' is the brutal abduction and murder of Read More, The second Inspector Rebus novel from the No.1 bestselling author of A SONG FOR THE DARK TIMES. Each of his DS George Cross novels, Translated by Rachel Ward Unlike Erdinger or St Pauli Girl, German crime fiction doesnt always travel as well as the countrys beers. A Kurdish asylum seeker is murdered on a notorious Edinburgh estate in an apparent race-hate attack, but Rebus suspects there's more to it. [16] However, Cafferty's point of view usually confirms that he is even more evil than Rebus imagines. Smart. Now I'm glad to see that Rebus is back and better than ever. Here are a few of his choices. The story is slowly revealed it starts with Morris "Ger" Cafferty, an old crime boss and Rebus' antagonist hiring John to look for a man who might be dead. [19] As of 2015 they are published in the UK by the Orion Publishing Group. Ralphie892 PLUS. There has to be some closure on Rebus' relationship with Cafferty, the villain who runs Edinburgh, because they are two sides of the same coin. Please try your request again later. Rankin's favourite Rebus pub scene takes place not in his usual haunt, the Oxford Bar, but in the Royal Oak. After two years without Rebus, it's great to have the curmudgeonly old ex-cop back - and in somewhere near top form. , X-Ray : From the No.1 bestselling author of A SONG FOR THE DARK TIMES 'This is British crime-writing of the finest, lasting quality' DAILY MAIL 'Genius Rankin once again proves himself to be the consummate master of crime' SCOTLAND ON Read More, Old crimes don't stay buried From the No.1 bestselling author of A SONG FOR THE DARK TIMES 'Ian Rankin is a genius' Lee Child 'A first-rate thriller but also a forensic examination of contemporary Scottish society' INDEPENDENT ON SUNDAY Rebus is back on the force, albeit with a demotion and Read More, Someone knows where the bodies are buried 'Taut, dark and expertly crafted tale' [GUARDIAN] from the No.1 bestselling author of A SONG FOR THE DARK TIMES 'No one in Britain writes better crime novels today' Evening Standard Retirement doesn't suit John Rebus. Rebus and Cafferty have had a long and complicated relationship over the years, the boundaries between copper and criminal blurring with the passing of time. "The violence (in the books) is minimal these days, partly because Rebus is no longer a cop so isn't dealing with violent situations per se. There is a brief but significant exchange where Rebus says You sound tired, Siobhan. Itll be interesting to see where the story goes next. This time, it's Cafferty's illegitimate son w See production, box office & company info, Good contrast between the parts of Edinburgh that tourists do and do not see. Most importantly, Rebus has faced off since The Black Book (1992) with 'Big Ger' Cafferty, a vicious gangster about his own age. : The detective is unkempt, a smoker and a heavy drinker who prefers to be alone. During the first Rebus novel, Knots and Crosses, Rebus is a detective sergeant, but is soon promoted to detective inspector. In terms of the plot, Big Ger Cafferty, now in a wheelchair, issues a summons to Rebus, asking him to look for a man back in town whom he is widely rumoured to have had murdered. We have updated our Privacy Policy Because this is a terrific, multi-layered crime novel, with a gripping plot and a cast of credible, if not always pleasant, characters. He "had walked Brillo, fed both dog and owner, and poured himself into the armchair in his living room alongside a second whisky. 'An outstanding creation' SUNDAY TELEGRAPH It is August in Edinburgh and the Festival is in full swing A brutally tortured body is discovered in one of the city's ancient subterranean streets and marks Read More, The seventh Inspector Rebus novel from the No.1 bestselling author of A SONG FOR THE DARK TIMES. Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2022. As political passions run high, Read More, The twelfth Inspector Rebus bestseller - a powerfully gripping novel where past and present collide From the No.1 bestselling author of A SONG FOR THE DARK TIMES 'This is, quite simply, crime writing of the highest order' DAILY EXPRESS 'The unopposed champion of the British police procedural' GUARDIAN A student Read More, The thirteenth Inspector Rebus novel from the No.1 bestselling author of A SONG FOR THE DARK TIMES 'No one in Britain writes better crime novels' Evening Standard 'This is Rankin at his best, and, boy, that's saying something' TIME OUT Rebus is off the case - literally. He was born in 1947 in Fife and left school at the age of fifteen to join the Army.After serving in Northern Ireland he applied to undergo selection for the SAS, but after a horrendous ordeal in training, left the army and joined the Lothian and Borders Police.. Philip Palmer. Cafferty's first appearance is just a cameo, but he clearly made an impression with the author and he returns throughout the series like a dark shadow. The data controller isThe Orion Publishing Group Limited. His defence is that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder brought about by having been in the force, and in particular in Tynecastle Station. Nor able to let sleeping dogs lie. As a result, the Rebus novels are discussed in contexts such as "Concepts of Corruption: Crime Fiction and the Scottish 'State'" and "Redevelopment Fiction: Architecture, Town-planning, and 'Unhomeliness.'"[13]. I rather like Fox: the grizzled, ill Rebus bent rules but did not break them; Fox is a stickler and a sook. . The production was directed by Roxana Silbert and starred Charles Lawson as Rebus. Set primarily in and around Edinburgh, Rankins novels take the detective all across the city in search of the truth. The character married before the beginning of the Rebus books, but was divorced some time in the 1980s. Now I'm glad to see that Rebus is back and better than ever. He was fit and lean and had purpose to his gait. Brutally murdered in her hotel room forty years ago, her killer has never been found. 16 terms. Rebus himself has continued to wrestle with his own "Hyde" aspects, particularly when confronted with old cases where his recklessness may have led to injustice or death. [6] Other characters have borne out this theme of the dual self, for example the Wolfman serial killer in Tooth and Nail and the former Nazi Lintz in The Hanging Garden. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It loops back to a completely different set of investigations, before we return at the end to the court: it is not a spoiler, since the author said it on broadcast television, but there is a cliff-hanger. Ex-Army himself, Rebus becomes fascinated by the killer, and finds he is not alone. They are considered an important contribution to 'Tartan Noir'. But at the end of the day here, Siobhan spends more time with Cafferty, despite everything Rebus tries to do. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 16, 2023. Beautifully mind-teasing police procedurals set in Rankin's hometown of Edinburgh, the Rebus books offer rollercoaster reading-rides that also reflect the tangles of corruption, poverty, organized crime, and other social and political issues that face today's Scotland (and, indeed, the wider UK). Rebus and Cafferty have a complicated relationship. As is usual in Rebus novels, there are a few interesting female characters too DC Siobhan Clarke, journalist Mairie Henderson and, in this case a medium-term relationship with a doctor, Patience Aitken, whom he lives with. I'll admit I did not much like the first book in the series but liked it enough to try the second one - and all the ones thereafter. Gill Plain notes that in 1998, Rankin held 6 of the top 10 places in the Scottish Book Marketing Group's annual sales survey, including the top spot. They are two sides of the same coin: Cain and Abel? Rebus in a strange way is Edinburghs guilty conscience, aware of horrors, attempting to do right. Some notable local landmarks written into the series include the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street, Rosslyn Chapel and Calton Hill. Does this item contain quality or formatting issues? Stars Ken Stott Claire Price Jennifer Black See production, box office & company info Watch on Acorn TV S2-4 with Prime Video Channels More watch options Add to Watchlist Added by 4.8K users Both men not quite able to reconcile that their glory days may be behind them. It was entitled "The First Stone". The perfect location for a cantankerous sleuth with a taste for alcohol, it seems. Lively action and characters to care about, even the bad guys. Ian has acknowledged that this was due to the influence of the New York writer Lawrence Blocks Matt Scudder. "Ian Rankin - In Conversation With John Robb," LUSH, 23 March 2020, Mark Lawson, "Retirement present," 2 Oct. 2007, "Ian Rankin returns to Rebus after year-long sabbatical", "Rebus will return to solve one more case, author Ian Rankin reveals", "Ian Rankin presents Library with his archive - National Library of Scotland", "Rebus to make return appearance in new Ian Rankin novel", "Ian Rankin's 'Rebus' Returns To TV As Viaplay's Debut UK Original",, Articles with MusicBrainz series identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, "Death Is Not the End" (1998)* --novella related to, "Dead and Buried" (2013)* --closely related to, "Cafferty's Day" (2016) --closely related to, This page was last edited on 8 April 2023, at 17:28. Four seasons have been aired; series 1 starred John Hannah and was made for STV by his own production company, Clerkenwell Films. . "Rebus' world is off kilter completely," says Rankin. Gregor Jack, MP, well-liked, young, married to the fiery Elizabeth - to the outside world a very public success story. "Sometimes there's such a thing as a responsible criminal," according to Rebus, who believes powerful men on both sides of the law are duty-bound to control the crazies in their ranks. During Cafferty's incarceration, Rebus keeps returning to Cafferty for assistance, which Cafferty either provides, refuses, or disguises with misdirection, usually dropping an inadvertent clue or two. Ian James Rankin, OBE, DL, FRSE (born 28 April 1960) is a Scottish crime writer, best known for his Inspector Rebus novels. [7] After leaving school at the age of 15, Rebus joined the army and served in Northern Ireland during The Troubles. She progresses from a child to an adult of the . Rumours fly that Rebus is in Caffertys pocket. Cafferty brings an ambiguity with him: very like Rebus in some ways, but Rebus will never acknowledge it. Interviewers such as Gavin Esler or reviewers may remark that the city of Edinburgh is a character in the novels. "It's more than just a pub, it represents something to Rebus, something unchanging in a changing world," says Rankin. Smelling a rat, Rebus wants none of it, but Cafferty has leverage and is prepared to use it. Rebus is Read More, The sixteenth Inspector Rebus novel from 'Britain's best crime novelist' DAILY EXPRESS and No.1 bestselling author of A SONG FOR THE DARK TIMES 'Rankin just gets better. 1 Episode 2000. Edinburgh is gradually getting back to normal after the COVID lockdowns and Rebus is in a pub, puzzling over QR codes as fellow drinkers wear masks and give him sidelong glances. Back in the day, Rebus was a force to be reckoned with in Edinburgh; a loose cannon who wasnt averse to bending a rule or two in the interests of justice. . This time, it's Cafferty's illegitimate son w Read all. Rankin calls this his "Hollywood moment". Its an approach that has lost him friends and inevitably rubbed the top brass up the wrong way but it got results and they tended to reluctantly turn a blind eye. First, it was a best-seller and the backlist of Rebus novels came into high demand. Rankin compares the relationship between Rebus and Cafferty to that of Wringhim and Gilmartin (the devil himself) in the Scottish crime classic Confessions of a Justified Sinner (1824) by James Hogg. Although Rebus might conjure huge conspiracies, the truth is usually far more banal, and involve those old devils, lust and money. Cafferty is Moriarty to Rebus' Holmes. Both men are ageing fast, finding the changing landscape unsympathetic. [9] Christopher Ward explores in depth the relationship of Rebus to Edinburgh in his 2010 M.Phil thesis at the University of Glasgow, "It's hard to be a saint in the city: Notions of city in the Rebus novels of Ian Rankin. What of Rebus though? I, too, was surprised to see John Hannah as Rebus. Nobody seems completely innocent, especially the team at another police station that became a refuge for ruthless and misogynistic police officers. Also, Cafferty has a very sinister assistant after the previous novel and I do not think we have seen the last of Audi Andrew. This article is about the novels. And the only man he trusts with his life is Rebus. "I don't always manage to surprise Rebus, but I like the fact that I did this time.". Read about how well protect and use your data in ourPrivacy Notice. 8 facts you may not know about Stirling Castle, Donald Trump's firm to pay 225,000 to Scottish Government to cover legal bills, EVEN Dogs In The Wild, Ian Rankins last Inspector Rebus, has been released. He remembers the family picnics at Loch Leven, the community he grew up in and holidays in St Andrews. Required fields are marked *. It is there that the first murder takes place. Rebus (in his thoughts) and Rankin (in interviews) refer to this contrast as the "underworld and overworld" of the city. For readers in Scotland, and especially Edinburgh, there is the added pleasure of recognition although personally, Id have used the Old Chain Pier rather than the Starbank for one reference. For example, he assigns the Weasel to help Rebus locate the driver who hit Rebus's daughter in The Hanging Garden (1998). : The author did not retire the character, however, and John Rebus popped up again in 2012 novel, Standing in Another Mans Grave. [1] He was at first upset that bookstores shelved it in the crime fiction section, but he gradually accepted the fact that Rebus was to be the protagonist of a detective series: his goal became to write "on the surface a crime novel that was going to sell loads of copies, but which would be accepted by my peers in academia as serious Scottish fiction. Rebus often presses his nemesis for information even as he simultaneously pursues him for a long list of crimes. These ebooks can only be redeemed by recipients in the US. Army investigators Read More, The fifteenth Inspector Rebus novel from the No.1 bestselling author of A SONG FOR THE DARK TIMES 'It's another Rebus novel you can't put down, and Rankin at his most powerful' CHOICE 'Rankin is superb' DAILY MAIL An illegal immigrant is found murdered in an Edinburgh housing scheme. The novel also features Siobhan Clarke, now a DI, Malcolm Fox, also a DI, and several other cops who have been introduced in earlier books. Rebus is, like another character, fuelled by shame or self-preservation. "I would rather be a rock star than a writer," he says. Each of the novels is linked by returning characters, such asSiobhan ClarkeandBig Ger Cafferty, but you can start reading the Rebus books at any point in the series, and you dont need to have read the earlier books to enjoy the later ones. Rebus's personal life Rhona. John Rebus had been in court plenty of times, but this was his first time in the dock John Rebus stands accused: on trial for a crime that could put him Read More. First look: Things Get Ugly by Joe R Lansdale, It feels like Kellerman crime novels come as regularly as the tides on Venice Beach. Crime novels are in a terrible cleft-stick in that they have to be the same and they must be different. one * = published in some version of The Beat Goes On (2014)[a]. The unifying point of view in the Rebus series is, of course, that of John Rebus, with the point of view sometimes shifting to colleagues, criminals or suspects. By the time we meet Cafferty inThe Naming of the Dead,he is repeatedly visiting Rebus at his flat to offer insights into his case, and Rebus relies on information that Cafferty passes on. Thats the great thing about A Heart Full of Headstones the characters and settings may seem familiar but this is an author who wrong-foots the reader at every end and turn. He walked into the Visiting Room like he was the visitor, Rebus the inmate.. Bio from Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia. For the character, see, Rankin, quoted from an interview with Gill Plain, in her book. , Little, Brown and Company (October 18, 2022), Publication date Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Advertisement Hide Ad The Fife-born author had begun writing novels while. Rankin says that until that point, he had worried that he would never make it as a writer. And yet, this latest and, perhaps, last book in the series, was better than the book before it, but still not up to my high expectations of Rankin. Cathy Tyson's Siobhan Clarke is a rather bland character, certainly not the troubled but brilliant detective from the novels. She is under no illusions about her old boss, though, and when his name is whispered in connection to Tynecastle she is on the alert. There was an error retrieving your Wish Lists. With help from the army, the character secured a position with the Lothian and Borders Police in order to recover.

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