Hi, do you still have the spray hood for sale please? Some people may say 'sprayhood' for this, but a sprayhood could also refer to other things, such as the covers that keep the spray off the instruments, or a smaller dodger over a hatch. Broker Alex Grabau suggests its an ideal age to buy at, however. Thank you. Do they really need replacing? Hallberg-Rassy boats produced today have the Grey Sprayhood as standard. Winter covers are an excellent way of protecting your boat from the harsh winter elements and reduce the need for too much elbow grease when the sun eventually comes out. A lot of the yachts we are now selling around the 10- to 12-year mark are already equipped with digital wiring. Make it with an internal flange to bolt to the coachroof. Time to make As well as a product that can be easily maintained and valeted. I gave him a list and he sourced most of my materials. If so, 7m of canvas was required for my sprayhood; if not, I would calculate the extra length required. Technology. Also would you post to Milford haven? Emily and Dave Birch were in search of a yacht to take them on a sabbatical with their seven-year-old daughter. Not all sailors like cockpit enclosures but they are a must when in port or in the winter as they provide a protected on deck area and if well designed can be used underway. We made an offer not far off the asking price, subject to survey. Windows: flat polycarbonate. Repeat for the front window panel and the two side panels. Investing in a machine has been very worthwhile, and though I could resell it to recoup most of the costs, I think Ill keep it in the short term. Browse our quality range of sprayhood tracks and fittings which are specially designed for durability and longevity. I dunno lol \(_o)/, Covers for the tail of the sail and gooseneck, Padded seat backs for the cockpit (I plan to make new cockpit seats too). As boats emerge from winter with algae-green sail covers and sprayhoods, the Yachting Monthly team go in search of the best canvas cleaners. 6. The hood itself would made out of acrylic . 1st Model: Only Turning Knobs all around the Sprayhood. Interested to learn the process we go through when producing yacht Sprayhoods? Will Bruton speaks to brokerage and refit experts to find out why 10- to 15-year-old yachts can be a sweet spot for diligent buyers. With a proper clean and reproofing with a dyed product, such as Renovo, it could even look (almost) new again. Here are the four sections of the sprayhood prior to being joined back into one three dimensional structure. If you already have a C&J Sprayhood and you are keen for us to add a welded bar, we can. Specialist bluewater broker John Rodriguez has seen more clients than ever looking for a dependable hull to bring up to date. Daedalus Park, Daedalus Drive The industrial sewing machine has many advantages over my lighter domestic machine. The bimini has three zipped channels, one central Velcro channel and a Velcro back flap to go around the back stay. If someones drowning, they make a lot of noise, right? Alan Dring, Hawke House Ltd, tel: 02392 588588, www.hawkehouse.co.uk 1. Hants, PO13 9FX. The C&J Marine Sprayhood has been developed over 30 years to be a versatile product, while maintaining the quality of the components throughout. Economy of a trawler but looks and feels like a cruising yacht. The refurbished canopy will operationally be as good as new. This enables swift and effortless assembly and stowage of the C&J Sprayhood. If so, can you tell me what type of westerly this is from? World Renowned Reputation - The UK's Premier Boat Cover Maker, WORLD RENOWNED REPUTATION Having sailed over 100,000 miles, and . We have even re-designed the full width sprayhood on the first Discovery 50 catermaran so that it worked. Flex-A-Rail Awning Track White 3m Semi Rigid PVC. Dodger, or spray dodger, is the more widely used term for the structure (canvas or fixed) which protects the companionway. I used quilting clips to hold the backfolded edge in place while machining. Hardware: To make sure ReStore is a one-stop-shop, we supplement our used building materials with new hardware, such as nails, screws, drill bits, and more. In 2019, we updated our Dodger Series with a new design and new video instructions. We will need to modify your Sprayhood canvas cover, creating allowances for the new welded joins on the backbar of your frame. Be the first to know. Bavaria C42 Sprayhood Shown in different colours, the Navy version shows optional LED strip lighting. Find favorites. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This allows a cool flow of air to be channeled into the cockpit area instead of being diverted over the top of the Sprayhood and away from the cockpit. The rear of the roof section with the bridging piece zips inserted and the central zip channel attached. Moody 346 and 35. New Frames & Fitting are available for purchase separately. On squared paper I checked that they could be cut from the spare width material left from the window or roof section. To cover the gap between the sprayhood and bimini when we are not sailing we have a bridging piece, which is attached with zips. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); We would like to keep you up to date on our latest news, seasonal offers and new innovative products. I tried some products to clean the plastic, but it made things worse. It was time to replace it all: sprayhood, bimini and bridging piece (that joins the sprayhood and bimini together for use in port) but the cost would run into thousands! I did the job myself with a hand needle. 2 beds, master being forward with an island queen, guest bunk has a twin, brand new mattresses in both. View yacht Sprayhoods and today and take the first step to bring your vision to life by consulting our Sprayhood experts. In a wide cockpit the width of the roof section will take up most of the width of the canvas so I would not be able to get the window section out of one piece. Josh Brown of Severn Sails is a sailmaker and canvas work professional. Lay the old roof, right sides together, onto the new canvas and draw around the entire shape. G512. What did it cost? Base Width: 17 MM Colour: White Finish: PVC Extrusion Gap: 4.5 MM Inside Dimensions: 10.5 MM Length: 3 M Outside Dimensions: 14.5 MM. Were happy with the boat we now have and the few things that need upgrading are an opportunity to get to know her better., In Yachting World May 2023 we bring you everything you need to know about crossing the Pacific Ocean, a spectacular but often daunting experience and give you a, Pip Hare explains when to check and replace your standing rigging, Clarisse Crmer confirms new Vende Globe sponsor, Alex Thomson heads team, Superyacht saves 16 in harrowing Caribbean migrant rescue, Why have Orcas been attacking yachts? With the new windows, and the other canvas repairs, the Andersons can now enjoy at least another five years of active service from their cockpit canopy and theyll have the added benefit of being able to actually see out of it! Insurers know this and wont offer cover, so if youre looking at a boat over 10 years old, assume the rigging needs replacing as a cost youll have to meet, explains marine surveyor Ben Sutcliffe-Davies. Use a piece of stainless tubing (the same diameter as your bimini frame) to check the newly cut zip and Velcro sections will have sufficient width to wrap or enclose the tubes. Contact us today via our Yacht enquiry form, or give us a call and we will be happy to help you make sure you get the perfect cover for your needs. Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg, Max. Contact Before disassembly I took lots of photographs to show how the different sections are attached, and labelled each one. They will suggest new design ideas, it could be as simple as just adjusting the current frame configuration. But the good news is that these windows can usually be replaced up to three times before the canvas itself wears out. 1. A conversation with him reassured me this was genuinely the case, so I started to work through the inventory to build up a clear picture. For frames we use as standard premium grade 316 3/4"stainless steel. Measure the original and cut new pieces to form the Velcro closure. I want your spray hood, unfortunately. Seacocks and stern gland. To create additional protection in the companionway we can add zipped/removable back drops. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Only carefully cut out the canvas aperture once the plastic is in place. The best way to shop online for used boats & yachts. Changing the windows saves many hundreds of pounds over the cost of a new awning, so boat owners often choose this route when their sprayhood windows become fogged or split. The finger strip is attached to the rear of the Sprayhood cover and is designed to also protect the Sprayhood from wear and chafing. The Grey Sprayhood have a DARK BLUE Vinyl to the aft edge on the upper side as protection. Using scanning technology, modern production methods CNC cutting and 3D CAD design the majority of products shown are available to order for self-fit. Before: Typical long-term damage to a plastic window in Fidgets cockpit cover, with fogging and tears, After: A brand new window will give several seasons of use, as well as adding to safety and ambience within the cockpit. We produce some of the finest sprayhoods in the business, supplying Discovery Yachts with all of their cover needs for the last 9 years, even producing the 58 two part sprayhood. We share some hints and tips that we think might be useful if you are doi. Seacocks are exposed to the marine environment constantly. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Allures 45.9 Sprayhood with multiple extras, Arcona 370, Arc en Ceil, New design 3 bar Sprayhood, Arcona 430 Sprayhood recover for factory fit original, CIDER WITH ROSIE Shown fitted with Tecsew Cockpit Enclosure, Bavaria 30 Sprayhood recover for CJ original, Bavaria 32, 2002 model, replacement Sprayhood canvas for CJ original, WINDSONG, Bavaria 37 Cruiser Sprayhood Click to view Bavaria 37 Cruiser Cockpit Enclosure, 2006 model, Bavaria 37 Holiday Sprayhood Shown fitted with our design Cockpit Enclosure, Bavaria 38 Cruiser Sprayhood recover for CJ original, Bavaria 44 Sprayhood shown with optional Window Blind fitted Shown on a very wet and windy day Click to view Bavaria 44 Bimini, Bavaria 50 Cruiser Sprayhood recover for CJ original, Bavaria 50 Cruiser, New Tecsew design larger Sprayhood, Bavaria C38 Sprayhood Click to view Bavaria C38, 5 Bar Bimini. Struggling for spares? Replacing the canvas work on a sailboat can be pricey, so we decided to do it all DIY. Location: United Kingdom, Alresford. file size: 32 MB. Step 3. The breadth of variety in our gallery outlines the fact that we have superior experience in the creation of Sprayhoods and that we always welcome unique, eye-catching ideas. The four main component parts are the roof, front window section and two side panels. 2. Our customers can have a variety of different needs, ranging from lake and coastal, fair weather day trips, to round the world blue water adventures. Angled front windows. Manufacturers have their own way of grading the sizes of their needles, so Alan specifies one two sizes up from standard to punch through the thickness of the windows and the fabric beneath. Alternatively, or, in addition to the rear grab handle we can add forward bar side handles. Guidelines for designing and making a sprayhood/dodger for your boat Accepted file types: jpg, png, jpeg, Max. The materials used in the construction of the C&J Marine Sprayhood ensure optimum use, durability and appearance. Fitting the plastic window panel into the canvas is tricky, as both materials are slippery and the window can easily become distorted when stitching. These boats will have more than one design, but we can usually supply measurements to check we have the correct design on file. Check the position is correct, and then peel back the top protective cover of the tape to expose the adhesive. Suppliers Many yachts sport an aging hard wired satellite phone, SSB radio or outdated navigation technology. All examples shown have optional wi Bavaria C50 Sprayhood Click to view Bavaria C50 Bimini. If this is likely to be a problem it would pay to mask off the surrounding area first. However, the owner was surprised by what the surveyor determined was a saturated section of balsa core in the foredeck. I can send the money through paypal. And its much cheaper than having a whole new cover made. They have a separate external motor and a metal foot treadle and are set into their own large sewing table, so do take up a lot of room. Call us on +44 (0)1255 243366 or email sails@dolphin-sails.com 4: With the cover pulled up to the machine, still inside out, Alan identifies his target. Aphrodite 33 Sprayhood Arcona 370, "Arc en Ceil", New design 3 bar Sprayhood, ref 6669 Arcona 430 Sprayhood recover for factory fit original, CIDER WITH ROSIE, ref 8794 Bavaria Vision 46, 2013 Sprayhood Bavaria 30 Sprayhood Bavaria 30 Sprayhood recover for CJ original, ref 7479 7. 6. Lee-on-the-Solent, 4. "We have 10- to 15-year-old yachts listed now that are either extremely well maintained from new or have been upgraded ready . Polyester cotton: 1 x large spool 5,000m (plenty left for other projects). 3. Call us for enquiries on 02392 556548, visit ourcontact page, or use the enquiry form at the bottom of the page. Heres what else Ive made: To make a new sprayhood youll need to have had some sewing practice, experience of measuring, estimating fabric quantities and handling different materials, as they move and slip against one another. Advanced Covers can design, make, supply and fit any required cover for your sailing boat or yacht. Same as new Hallberg-Rassy Yachts. The width of most canvas and other fabrics is between 140cm and 150cm. The machine I chose was a Highlead: a heavy-duty top and bottom feed lockstitch with a walking foot. Its also a part of the market with big variations in price. My sprayhood is a three-dimensional structure fitting over a demountable stainless steel frame. The replacement itself is fairly straightforward but, says Alan Dring, an expert in marine upholstery who regularly replaces windows, the big secret is to leave the old window in place until the new one is fitted, I urge customers not to rip the old window out, even if it has a big hole in it. It put us into a market with big variations in price, but also usage. Favorites 0; . and does it include the frame? Hi, I have an Atlanta 28 (westerly) would this sprayhood fit? Also would you post to Milford haven? Rub the new window down on to it as you go. Powered with twin Volvo KAMD300 EDC engines with less than 2500 hours, very well maintained and runs great. Photo: Will Bruton. A sliding hatch bridging bar kit is needed if a garage for the hatch is not present. Discover our informative demonstration video below! An Oyster 725 in refit, including deep services of engine and generator, plus new lithium-ion battery bank. Buying at the 10-year-plus mark can be the path to the right boat in less time than a new build, he explains. Sprayhood with LED lighting Fixed cockpit cushions - Taupe Generator 6.4 kw 115v 60HZ with cocoon Audio Entertainment Pack: RA70N Fusion player with radio, bluetooth, and USB connection, speakers in the salon and cockpit Electric drive transom platform Folding cockpit table with wooden leaves Teak cockpit floor At the start of the season, if your boat has lain neglected through the damp, cold winter, it may have taken on a tinge of green. With new build waiting lists growing at an unprecedented rate, buyers are turning to the second hand boat market to get on the water without the wait. The final sewing task is to secure the prefabricated bolt rope tape into the base and sides of the front window panel. We will also be happy to provide a price for the most custom made sprayhood with cut outs for grab rails, internal pockets, roll up front windows, zip out front sections, sail viewing windows, zip on aft curtains, top zip and flaps for enclosures on two or three hoop frames. Dave travelled to Vigo with his surveyor. The industrial sewing machine has a very large throat compared to a domestic one. The refit, undertaken in Palmas STP yard with support from Oysters Palma service centre has been a blend of essential maintenance and improvements to bring the boat up to as new standards for her second owner. We are very good at getting the best out of this type of enclosure. C&J Marine 2023. 2: With the cover laid outside-up on the table, Alan begins by running his stitch-cutter along the windows inner edge seam, in order to remove all the threads. The boat presented beautifully, even better than expected. Now lay the new plastic window directly onto the underside, or wrong side, of the new, uncut canvas panel. Redesigned on existing frames, ref 6377, Hallberg Rassy 37 Sprayhood Recover, ref 10366, Hallberg Rassy 37 Sprayhood Recover, ref 9809, Hallberg Rassy 48 Recover Sprayhood for factory fitted original, ref 9928, Hanse 320 Sprayhood recover for factory fit original, ref 6399, Hanse 325 Sprayhood recover for factory fit original, ref 6337, Hanse 348 Sprayhood with Side Grab Handles, ref 9862, Hanse 355 Recover Sprayhood for Covercraft original, MAGIC, ref 8332, Hanse 355 Sprayhood recover for factory fit original, ref 9951, Hanse 385 Sprayhood with extended Roll Back Wings, ref 6256, Hanse 400 Sprayhood recover for NV original, ref 9179, Hanse 415 Sprayhood with optional leathered grab handles, ref 5647, Hanse 458 Sprayhood, Non standard 2 bar design, ref 9936, Hanse 458 Sprayhood, non standard front window with no pillars, ref 9891, Hanse 495 Sprayhood Recover for Factory Supplied Original, ref 0323, Hanse 548 HT Sprayhood and infill panels, ref 8694, Hanse 548, 2 mtrs high non standard Sprayhood with windows in the wings, Hanse 575 Sprayhood NEW STANDARD DESIGN, more curved design 157 and 162 inclusive and onwards, Hanse 588 HT Fixed Sprayhood Screen and Infill Panels to Hardtop, ref 8117, Hunter Ranger 265, Sprayhood, lower design, ref 6592, Island Packet 380 Sprayhood recover for CJ original, ref 5202, J109 Sprayhood recover for NV original, ref 5480, J109 Tecsew design Sprayhood with zip out sides, ref 8189, Jeanneau Sun fast 3200 Sprayhood, ref 6011, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 319 Sprayhood, ref 8431, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 33i Sprayhood extended aft 150mm, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 Sprayhood, Higher design, ref 6373, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 Sprayhood, Lower design, ref 5821, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36.2 Sprayhood, High model, DREAMTIME, ref 7921, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 37 Sprayhood recover for factory fitted original, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 380 Sprayhood, ref 1268, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 389 Sprayhood, ref 8252, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 39DS Sprayhood recover for factory fit NV original, ref 7939, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410, Sprayhood, ref 10227, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS 2010 on, Cockpit Enclosure to suit Tecsew recover or factory fit sprayhood, IMPULSIVE, ref 6740, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS, 2010 onwards, recover Sprayhood for factory original, ref 5095, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS, pre 2009 model, Sprayhood, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS, pre 2009 model, Sprayhood recover for factory fit NV original , Le Bec Fin, ref 5926, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43 Sprayhood, original design, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43, AMBITION, Tecsew Sprayhood 2019 new design, ref 9598, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 43DS Sprayhood recover for factory fit NV original with extra windows, LIBERTY, ref 7177, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 PERFORMANCE, Sprayhood with zip removable wings and stretcher bars to suit fold out cockpit seating, ref 9347, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 Sprayhood, ref 8574, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 449 Sprayhood, ref 6944, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45DS Sprayhood replacement for factory fit original, ref 1084, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 469 Sprayhood, ref 6378, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 Sprayhood, ref 8960, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49ds Sprayhood recover for factory fit NV original, ref 5603, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 49ds, 3 bar Sprayhood, Jeanneau Sunfast 32i Sprayhood, WHITE MAGIC, ref 6328, Legend 33 2014 model, Sprayhood, ref 5712, Legend 33 Sprayhood recover for CJ original with added side handles, ref 8270, Legend 36 Sprayhood shown with optional Cockpit Enclosure, BRIGHTSPARK, ref 6222, Legend 37, 2014 model, Tecsew standard Sprayhood, ref 5831, Legend 40 Sprayhood 1650 high, NON STANDARD low design, ref 5178, Legend 40 Sprayhood 1750 high, STANDARD MODEL, ref 6084, Legend 41DS, Sprayhood, PAXI MOON, ref 6561, Macwester Rowan Crown Sprayhood, ref 5283, Malo 37 Replacement Sprayhood and Cockpit Enclosure for factory fit originals RUBY, ref 0891, Malo 41 Sprayhood, new Tecsew design with new frameworks, ref 6125, Malo 46 Sprayhood recover for factory fitted original, Malo 46 Sprayhood recover shown with Cockpit Enclosure recover, ref 5513, Maxi 1100 Sprayhood recover for factory fit original, type 1, Maxi 1100 Sprayhood recover for factory fit original, type 2, Maxi 1100 Sprayhood recover, frames set to give extra height, ref 5497, Maxi 33, 3 bar Sprayhood with zipped front window, ref 5154, Maxi 38 Sprayhood recover for factory fitted original, Maxi 38 Sprayhood recover, revamped design, ref Taylor, Microplus 501 Explorer Sprayhood and zip attached Tonneau, ref 5901, Moody 31 Sprayhood recover and Cockpit Enclosure, Miranda, Moody 33 mk 2 Sprayhood recover on existing frame, Moody 34 Sprayhood, CRANNOG, shown with Tecsew Cockpit Enclosure, ref 5040, Moody 35 Sprayhood shown with Tecsew Cockpit Enclosure, ref 6643, Moody 36 fixed screen Sprayhood recover, Avalon, Moody 36 fixed screen Sprayhood, Moody Blue, Moody 36 fixed screen Sprayhood, ref 7635, Moody 36 Sprayhood SWEET CHARIOT, ref 1103, Moody 36cc pre 1979 Sprayhood, Justine Gabrielle, Moody 36cc Sprayhood recover, Blue Admiral, Moody 40 COUNTERPOISE Sprayhood, ref 10043, Moody 42 fixed screen Sprayhood recover, Amber Jack, Moody 42 fixed screen Tecsew designed Sprayhood, Sugar Wing, Moody 42 Tecsew new design Sprayhood to fit screen, ref 7671, Moody 425, Tecsew design Sprayhood, AKAEMY, ref 7654, Moody 45 Classic Sprayhood recover for factory fitted original with optional window blinds, Moody 47 RUM DRAGON, Sprayhood recover for factory original , ref 9497, Moody 48, Hanse built model, Sprayhood, MAJESTIC, ref 7867, Moody 49 Sprayhood recover for factory fit original, ROYAL SAPPHIRE, ref 8865, Moody 49 Sprayhood recover, revamped design, Mornin Gorgeous, Moody S31 Sprayhood recover to lower height, Calista, ref 5619, Moody S38, COLONIA, Sprayhood recover with lengthened back bar shown with Cockpit Enclosure, ref 5692, Najad 331 Sprayhood recover and CJ Cockpit enclosure recover, ref 5636, Najad 355 Sprayhood recover for factory original, SEA SWAN, ref 7600, Najad 360 Sprayhood recover shown with Cockpit Enclosure recover, ref 5384, Najad 361 Libra of Lorne Sprayhood ref 9235, Najad 373 New Sprayhood shown with new Cockpit enclosure, Tecsew design, ref 7995, Najad 400 Sprayhood with new frames, ANIKA, ref 7057, Oyster 406 with fixed windscreen Sprayhood, MUSKRAT, Oyster 435 Sprayhood recover, Aithina in Sunbrella Supreme, Pascoe Tenders, 1608 Tender Sprayhood, ref 7383, Sadler 29 Sprayhood and Cockpit Enclosure, Mad Moment, Sigma 36, 1982 model, New Tecsew design Sprayhood, CHASSEUR, ref 7837, Sigma 41 DEUCALION 2 Bar Tecsew Sprayhood ref 9451, Southerly 110 Sprayhood special high design, Wenda, Boat 36, Southerly 115 series 1 Sprayhood, Sea Thyme, Southerly 135 replacement Sprayhood with new Frame, Southerly 35rs Higher design non standard Sprayhood, Southerly 42rs/rst 3 Bar Sprayhood special design, ref Greene, Southerly 42rs/rst boat 36 onwards, 3 bar sprayhood, Southerly 42rs/rst up to boat 35, 3 bar sprayhood, Southerly 42rs/rst, standard height sprayhood, Southerly 535 with windscreen, Sprayhood, ref 5760, Starlight 35 Sprayhood recover, Magic Touch, Swallow Bay Cruiser 26 Sprayhood, ref 0569, Swan 44 mk II, Finnish Line, Sprayhood recover, ref 5768, Victoria 34 Tecsew design Sprayhood shown with Tecsew Cockpit Enclsoure SANTY, ref 8127, Wauquiez PS40, Vent Des Illes Sprayhood, ref 7457, Westerly 33, year 2000, Tecsew standard design Sprayhood as supplied to Westerly Yachts, Westerly Berwick Tecsew design 3 bar Sprayhood, KATHERINE JANE, ref 8716, Westerly Centaur Sprayhood, CORYLUS, ref 5846, Westerly Griffon Sprayhood to suit when an instrument console is fitted, ref 0848, Westerly Griffon Sprayhood, ALCINE, ref 5830, Westerly Konsort 3 Bar Sprayhood, Iona, ref 5325, Westerly Oceanlord GOLDEN EYE Sprayhood, ref 9478, Westerly Oceanlord LACONDORE, Sprayhood to suit windscreen, ref 9193, Westerly Oceanquest aft cockpit Kestrel Sprayhood, Westerly Oceanquest Sprayhood, fixed screen model, Westerly Sealord Tecsew design 3 bar Sprayhood LIBERTA, ref 9116, Yarmouth 23 Sprayhood on factory supplied frame, Yarmouth 23, JABIRU, Sprayhood recover on factory supplied frame , SO9499.

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