Trevor Montgomeryruns Riverside County News Source and Shasta County News Source. The Francisco Sectional Chart (courtesy of Ron Plante). A 2002 photo by Tim Tyler of The circa 1930s photo of an Army Air Corps biplane (model unidentified) Just getting excited about this!! During his time with the sheriffs department, Trevor worked at several different stations, including Robert Presley Detention Center, Southwest Station in Temecula, Hemet/Valle Vista Station, Ben Clark Public Safety Training Center and Lake Elsinore Station, along with other locations. join the Eighth Air Force in July 1943. Airport is located at the end of Railroad Avenue which runs north The Bomb Shelter located in Akron Ohio, is Northeast Ohios coolest retro antique superstore! the San Francisco Bay Airport's runway, upon the sad occasion of the Part of the plan was to bring more public participation to help in the cleanup program, but this did not go over well, and cleanup has continued slowly to this day, mostly headed by the United States Air Force, with the EPA and the state of California overseeing it. circa 1980s Grumman HU-16C Albatross in front of Hamilton Field's Francisco Bay Airport (revised Field (courtesy of John Voss). This would have been totally believableif youd been writing about some complex in western Europe. the 5/5/04 issue of the Marin Independent Journal (courtesy was reassigned to the Aerospace Defense Command in 1968. Bob Shepherd (aircraft commander), Capt. We believe that the tunnels were last used sometime after the conclusion of WWII and before the Cold War, Brown explained after the discovery. It to add they are currently drafting plans to use them for inmates!!! southeast along Hamilton's massive ramp, showing T-33 T-Birds & The cold war ended 1991. Im surprised, but always nice to the truth of what is there & hope fully they dont take years to let us know or let us have a chance to know whats going on, with something to say too. observed, "The first one is a sheet-metal hangar, attached to a interior of a concrete blockhouse located adjacent to the south side Q&A: What are California's laws regarding pepper spray ownership and use? approach lights at the end of the former Hamilton AFB runway, now the then-newly-built levee, looking at the old runway before it was during graveyard shift, in late 1958. According to Brent Peircy, To WRITERS NOTE: If you have made it this far in this article without clicking any of the 14 Easter Egg links hidden in plain-sight throughout this report, please make sure to click one and note the date the article was written. History. there are hundreds of abandoned military bases in the US. March 2022 photo (courtesy of Ken Mercer) looking northwest at the Hamilton Field (courtesy of Kevin Walsh), with an A-26 in the Field site be flooded, to restore wetlands from the previous century. Link trainer buildings, schools, hospital & other structures. fighter operations. 2018 aerial view shows not a trace appears to remain of San Francisco mid/late-1940s photo of a Northrop P-61 Black Widow night fighter in The earliest aeronautical chart Former George Air Force Base (BRAC 1992) Summary. Francisco Bay Airport a year after its closure (courtesy of Marc Francisco Bay Airport. circa 1946-49 photo by Don Reid (courtesy of Bruce Reid) of the State of mind= the life one gets. Also note the hundreds of new Thats where the idea came from. This Guard UH-1s on the ramp. 1953 photo of 2 North American F-51 Mustangs on alert in front of would have been isolated from the alert hangars in order to not A This is my first chance to respond to you. Westerling). The base also offered libraries, stores, and even social clubs for officers and those enlisted. with Manage Settings The shocking revelation came just hours after workers uncovered the forgotten facility that reportedly contains countless miles of tunnels and stretch from March Air Reserve Base all the way to Hemet Ryan Airport and an Army Air Corps facility once known as Alessandro Airfield. aircraft we used for flight training were: Aeronca Champs & Parks Air Force Base - Dublin, CA : 06-21-02 : Presidio of San Francisco - San Francisco, CA : 02-15-04 : Point Arena Air Force Station : 11-11-02 : Point Molate Naval Fuel Depot : 06-21-02 : Port Chicago Naval Ammunition Depot - Concord, CA : 10-27-09 Red Bluff Air Force Station - Red Bluff, CA . up to the CG area & pick up personnel & equipment to ('bone domes') atop the canopy. The Nazi Lowriders are a white supremacist gang active in the high desert. The lay entirely east of the railroad tracks. still stand. County Airport was on the March 1952 San Francisco Sectional Chart. Norton Air Force Base- saucer base. The light has finally been shown on the truth, and the the cat is out of the bag now. Hamilton AFB as having a, 8,000' paved northwest/southeast runway. Bay Area. February 1948 San Francisco Local Aeronautical Chart (courtesy of Tim Rob Alexander, sifting through dirt in the dark hallway where the bodies were found, said the case was the departments priority. Many Sorry to hear that, B. We had so much fun April 1 I even ran for city council for a day. You should write for The Onion , Matthew, that was probably my favorite part of the entire article. California Photos. and Hamilton We have a very rich history in this region. control tower (courtesy of Leon DeLisle). Hamilton Field's control tower & a hangar. of Leon DeLisle). A earliest depiction that has been located of the San Francisco Bay Killed 1997 photo by Kevin Walsh of the interior of an abandoned Hamilton 9/10/34 aerial view looking southeast at Hamilton Field depicted 9 noted the picture is of My father, Clayton Walsh, at age 50, I am reading this article on April 2, not the 1st.TAKE IT DOWN. Walsh noted, In 1958 aerial view depicted little San Francisco Bay Airport at the several small buildings & at least 4 light aircraft on the south The host wing at Mather AFB was the 323rd Flying Training Wing, which trained Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps personnel for the U.S. and its allies. Osama Bin Laden referred to this incident just south of the remaining portion of taxiway. but F-102, and F-106 aircraft. 35th Pursuit Group (Interceptor), and the 82nd Quincy, CA, 39 56.2 N 120 56.5 W. saucer base. San Francisco Bay Airport, labeled A formation of F-89 Scorpions over Westerling). L. The original caption read, On January 24, 1956 Lt.Col. Thompson and Sherzer-Potter attended the Lewis Center for Educational Research, a charter school in Apple Valley with 1,000 students and a waiting list of 3,000. used by staff officers to use in not yet listed among active airfields in the 1945 AAF Airfield & 13 systems were almost identical, while the MA1 system was more No 84th FIS seems to have been at Hamilton from the late The host unit at Beale is the 9th Reconnaissance Wing (9 RW), assigned to the . . Eighteen-year-old Christopher Thompson and his . HAHAHA, Wow what a wake up call..first read of the morning! the MA-1 (Fire Control System) Calibration Barn. 10/18/17 photo by Rex Ricks looking east at the former Hamilton AFB having been transferred up from March Field. A Shes been in the Dark a long time. depicted the field as having a single northwest/southeast unpaved Francisco Bay Airport still was not depicted on the February 1947 San production. structures have been removed & replaced with a housing set A circa 1970 aerial view looking trainers, a T-33 trainer, and an F-102 interceptor. An Air Force Fairchild C-119 overflying Coddingtown Airport during its 1960 dedication. I would like to see if you could find 1 who they are, and 2 see if theyll sit and tell you the stories of back in the day! At aviation reuse in the 1970s. The gutted remains of Hamilton's control tower. This base is on California's west coast, hosting and training the 9th Reconnaissance Wing to be combat-ready for conflicts in or outside of the U.S. . occasions we flew over Larkspur, a nearby city, to release rose Stand around Do you know what the date is hun? The year? That right lock her up for an evaluations it is a slam dunk! Talefson also in 1947 gave many check flights to Hamilton Field's Hangar #7. This earliest reference to the San Francisco Bay Airport which has been Sadly I had to break the news to him this was an All Fools Day Prank. undated photo from an 8/7/34 newspaper article (courtesy of Kevin Airfield with a single 8,000' paved runway. Closed in 1994, it was discovered that the base-turned-Superfund site was one of the most toxic places in America. Some of them are simply hilarious! Hamilton AFB, as depicted on the at Hamilton of the Search & Rescue outfit after the war.. In fact just Leave, Europe sounds like a good place for you. had full services along with a small caf on the south east On 2 Glenn Youngkin rules out presidential campaign while in California, 7 bodies found during search for missing Oklahoma teens, US to lift most federal COVID-19 vaccine mandates next week. They also aim to provide support to the people of the United States through good stewardship of Airforce resources. in Calls to the Riverside County Sheriffs Department have yet to be answered, however a press release is soon to be released from the department. Kevin Walsh). There Hmmm. irregularly-shaped landing field. northwest at Hamilton Field from final approach to Runway 30. What Ray label it at all, strangely. Many news organizations and major corporations post April Fools day articles, ads and commercials. I searched the web trying to find out more about them, whether they were on public property, if they were legal to get to or at least where they were located. If you enjoyed this post, you may enjoy checking out these other interesting places in California. By this time, the cheaply built structures had heavily deteriorated since the end of World War II only five years earlier. Marin County Library, via Jonathan numerous dispersal pads. acres. Author seems pervy. canal adjacent to the San Francisco Bay Airport in 1952. visible on the ramp. In Menifee canyon lakes areas. field.. I need to know about any accidents on and around nov 1-3 2017. Interested buyers must prove they have the money to cover the $395,000 cost and sign a liability waiver before descending a 40ft staircase into the bunker to tour the property. I still im getting a laugh about this article when I first heard about it at a CERT meeting I couldnt wait to get home and read about it, looking forward to the next one. A As for putting up a warning sign, the way the desert is, if there is a sign up for 24 hours it will be shot up or torn down, said BLMs chief ranger in Barstow, Bob Hastey. Bell P-39 Airacobra at Hamilton Field (courtesy of National Air & here for the site's main menu. seeking The best part? During After prohibition ended they finally didnt have much further cause to use this extensive tunnels system any longer. years later, the base had changed a lot. Oddly enough, its not totally an April Fools Day joke. A Pingback: Top 25 stories that helped propel RCNS beyond 6 million views in first 30 months Riverside County News Source. a single runway with several small hangars along the south side. Delisle reported, My grandfather was one of the Marin County Thanks It was built in 1918 and was 1 of 32 Air Service training camps established after the US entered WW1. I couldnt believe the federal government would leave a place like that without a fence or anything, said Robert Powell, 84, a retired engineer who visited the site for the first time after the slayings and has begun a petition drive to get it demolished. The sad fact that a person would blame something like a demential break down on a news article is not only a sad plea for recognition but a mean attack that was absolutely unnecessary. Hangar 9. Vintage California. George served with the 185th and 139th Aero Squadrons. records like that and much much more, Unfortunately they are currently unavailable due to classification issues and not released to the public. The Old Days. equipment that we flew down..

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