Replaced all four speakers and have been trouble free for a few weeks now. Mine went black a few days after washing/pressure washing my truck. Happened twice in 4 years. Ultimamente tem sido difcil encontrar fornecedores assim., Queria agradecer a parceira e a qualidade do produtos de vocs, os cordes so lindos e exatamente como combinamos, todos amaram! I want it gone and I only put 200 miles on it. JavaScript is disabled. Nice.. what kinda speakers did you go with anyways??? I lost half my screen one time a few months back. I don't know what the temperature was in the cab since the screen was out but the auto air conditioning was wide open after starting. Stopped to get a coffee after driving for 30 minutes and when I turned the truck back on everything was back to normal. When exiting a freeway, the power steering would go out at high speeds and I had to white knuckle a few 65mph sharp cloverleaf turns. Had been extremely, extremely cold for 36 hours and the truck sat outside. They were on clearance at Crutchfield so everything, including panel removal tool kit, was $70. Eu j gostei no primeiro contato, pela ateno, preo, rapidez e qualidade no atendimento e produtos., Os cordes Ficaram show de bola! VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. My truck is in a well insulated garage. Oddly, I now have a compass reading to the left of the cruise control display light. I had this issue of silent turn signals after changing my battery today and noticed it when I drove to a diner. I tried the reset radio to factory settings and no fix. One day I noticed no turn signal noise. I turned the truck off and cranked it back up - same thing. I have Ser empresa lder no mercado, reconhecida pela excelncia em solues no seu segmento. Turning the truck off and on does not change anything and the sound comes back after being I started experiencing this last year. Firmamos uma parceria e recomendo!, timo atendimento e produtos de alta qualidade.. Turning the Colorado off and then on again seems to be the fix. If Your radio volume is not working in Your GMC Sierra that is usually a sign of a problem with either the head unit, amplifier, or speakers. Copyright 2022 ICP12000238-1 ICP12000238-2, 322. 2018 Petabit Scale, All Rights Reserved. Im tired of listening to my music through one speaker. Any help is appreciated! It was then I noticed the screen was black, no backup cam and the radio could not be turned down, or shut off, nothing but a black screen and music playing uncontrollably (extremely frustrating!) Start truck. I have the problem where the radio sometimes does not come on when the vehicle is started. I bought the truck recently and the previous owner Thanks, your message has been sent successfully. Any resolution to this? There was also a recall I reported for 2-3 years. Also the backup camera works sometimes. Per NTSB, audio levels can only be turned down so far, not off. went with the Kenwood 6.5's. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Maybe a new truck would be the easiest solution. Anyone else experiences a black screen and no control of the infotainment/radio?? They are put together with butt connectors. WebTurn truck off. Its almost like every 2nd or 3rd day the speakers will all work but the next day its just the tweeters again. This is known as an open. When it warms up a little, the metal expands and makes contact. All the connections are fine. There is fuses, check your fuse box that's between the dash and the door, pop off the cover and look at the diagram for speakers. Unplug the fuse. after I lost the 3rd time i found out or discovered i did have some control over the radio even with the screen blank but only from the steering wheel . ?SiC 2022 | . I have had 3 radio screens replaced,,tried reprogramming,,Chevrolet has a problem,,3rd one cost me $650,,I am in a dispute with gm now. Remove the bolts (1) retaining the console to the instrument panel (I/P). I cycled the truck off opened the door to make the dash and radio turn all the way off then cycled the key on started it and the turn signals we're clicking again. The right half was okay, the left half was jagged. Hmm..The radio still appeared to be working w/NAV but no sound from XM/Radio & NAV plus no sound from turn signal..Tried turing off/on the radio still Also Bluetooth Blindspot and other cameras that work with apps that allow easy touch Blindspot, and recordable during motion rear and forward cameras. Could there be 2 circuits going into the radio. If I reinsert it everything works fine until the next time. I'm not sure what could be going on. Recomendo, Indico e com certeza comprarei mais!, Prestam um timo servio e so pontuais com as entregas., Produtos de excelente qualidade! Turned the key off and opened the driver's door 3 times with no change. To do this: Turn off the truck. And as soon as i pulled the one working speaker out it went dead as well, now it wont produce sound. I just chalked it up to the impact of the significant cold on the electronics. Drove home and parked it in my garage like I normally do and turned it off. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Ficamos muito satisfeitos., A Perfect Design tem um excelente atendimento, os custos e benefcios de seus materiais so perfeitos, j que o preo acessvel. This problem was present in my 2004 suburban lt with a bose radio and an onstar deal. Currently, i only have one speaker working, the other 3 have no sound coming from them. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. All Rights Reserved. Dealer asked me to come in for Thursday. I hate intermittent Test for any AC voltage between the appropriate speaker output circuits at the speaker harness connector, disconnected with The second time, I shut it down when I noticed it, went inside to fix my coffee, came back out and restarted and it worked fine. this sounds like your problem They were still 'listed' in the settings, just not showing up in the fav bar. I had no turn signal or radio sound. 2021 Perfect Design. Radio doesnt work. I can usually hear the radio station that Im on, but I cant change the channel or get the infotainment center to perform any other functions. The turn signals, various beep and dings all stopped working while driving down the road. I wish I had the 2016 or later radio and center display screen. Most likely a software issue as I only have 36,000 miles after almost 8 years and my truck is regularly factory maintained and kept in an insulated garage that never sees extreme heat. Damage was done during a jump start Let the truck sit a bit and restarted, and the problem went away. I went outside to start it prior to calling in and the sound is still dead. The more common issue for me is the drive in the USB port no longer being recognized. Your message has not been sent. I was heading East and I see a red E I never had seen and thought it was some sort of an Engine or Emergency warning. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. With the complexity of cars increasing software bugs are inevitable and car manufacturers don't release patches the way major software companies do. Some days when it's cold and I start the engine in the morning, I get absolutely no sound from the radio or the turn signals or anything. Went out there later in the evening and cranked it up again with no change. Started her up and no sound whatsoever. Web2015 Chevy Silverado no sound 39,348 views Jan 2, 2018 My Silverado has no sound. Any idea what could cause this? The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I'm in the passenger seat with no radio or cruise control during a 300 mile drive. I might try to find a salvageable radio and center display and see if it's an easy plug and play between a 2015 and a 2016 model. If You do have volume . Try doing some simple testing. Have a 2015 Canyon and it sat out in the Minnesota cold (double-digits below zero for a stretch of five days). Last week this started. Now its even worse with my 2019 silverado 2x worse Id say. Owners of the 2015 chevy colorado have complained their radios revert to the settings screen after they have changed radio stations or appear completely blank. I adore the car but the gremlins are starting After I stopped and restarted the truck it worked again. Had my 2015 Colorado at the dealer for 2 days, diagnostic fee is $175 but did not charge me as they failed to find a cause. Estou sempre voltando, porque gostei do trabalho, do atendimento. If your radio turns on Some days when it's cold and I start the engine in the morning, I get absolutely no sound from the radio or the turn signals or anything. It happened again and I noticed that the cruise control is also affected. does not research or authenticate any of the Answers provided. It's happened in 75 degree weather and lately in 2 degree weather. When I pulled the radio fuse there was a rusty looking substance on the fuse tips. No turn signal sound and no seatbelt warning chime and no audio. My speakers did the same, they didn't just go out, they were "intermittent"sometimes working, sometimes not. 2. WebMarch 26: GM Recall Issued For Transmission Sun Gear Problems Radio Not Working Properly 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.6 fairly significant Typical Repair Cost: No When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Turns out that my speaker on the driver side had failed. Oferecer solues em identificao, oferecendo produtos com design exclusivo e com a melhor qualidade. So upon entering the truck screen is already black, the radio plays for 15 minutes while driving (i have 35 minute work commute that's how I found out). Surprised to see a post from me in 2019. Obrigado por ajudar no prazo e tudo mais, vocs so timo!, Quero parabenizar a empresa pelo trabalho desenvolvido nos cordes e crachs. The under side buttons still work . For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I would pull the radio out, go over all the connections and put it back together again. Hopefully the upcoming update from Android Auto in March will address some of the glitches we are experiencing with the Infotainment system. We research hundreds of models each It causes a static shock to the thingamajig inside and zaps the radio. Find the radio fuse in the passenger side dash fuse panel. Mine is now doing the same thing. I have a 2019 Z2 Colorado with 16,900 miles on it lost the sound yesterday. One runs the lights the other the sound. Apr 6, 2012. Just had the infotainment black screen happen on my 2016 Canyon yesterday when I got in my truck after work. WebIf your radio is turning on but there is no sound. If your Volkswagens radio touch screen is not working, the first thing you should do is reset the display. Pull the head unit and check your connections. 2nd Generation Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon, 2nd Gen Chevrolet Colorado Forum / 2015 GMC Canyon. Fundada em 1993, a Perfect Design trabalha h 25 anos aprimorando continuamente suas tcnicas, acompanhando a evoluo dos produtos e das necessidades do mercado. Material de tima qualidade! Any ideas? Intermittently no audio, turn signal click clack, door chime, or onstar voice. Remove the cupholder. I have a 2016 Colorado with 48,000 miles and yesterday after bragging to my wife about how great the Colorado is my screen went BLACK. Its not that they want you to be able to hear a tone in your garage, its if you can hear it at loudest tested ambient noise. or a work around for the Bose system. 2014 2015 2016 2017 silverado 1500 problem with no speaker volume or door chime Expert architecture and design solutions for private carriers, next-generation metro and long-haul optical networks, ultra low-latency networks, and Internet backbones. But I still get the freeze up every once in a while. there should also be a fuse on the back of the stereo itself. year to help you gain confidence about one of your largest purchase decisions. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 600, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. When it is cold, the metal contracts and breaks contact. Strange Me also this morning Don't know about the radio but no turn signal sound.. I will call for service if it happens again. What I now believe actually happened that day is that my front driver side speaker finally went out and I just finally noticed that they were out. on voltage setting measure between a good ground and each side of the fuse.abad fuse will give a different voltage on each side.agood fuse Retrosound radio are designed to work with 4ohm speakers. 2017 Colorado Z71 4WD Extended Cab Summit White. The "Cold=Shrinkage" could be at play here since I know you can here the relay click when the fuse is pulled and replaced. I am. Thanks. But it started working. I had no blinker sounds or radio wasn't working after thinking..hmm maybe if I connect to Bluetooth connection it would work with sound..but no that wasn't the any thoughts what it could beI shutted it off and turned on and still didn't work.. . Scenario, I was loading stuff in the bed, handed my wife the keys and she started the truck from the passenger side (no brake application needed) and turned on the bed lights for me. Anything in the below the speedometer and rpm cluster doesn't work. This long post probably belongs in 5 different community posts. If you open the Bose amp, there is a relay in it (like I figured), they are pretty sure the relay is stuck or not making contact. Hunter62, it was 85 degrees outside and the sun was shining directly onto the dash. The door chime does not work as well. This is why the fuse gets blown when there is excess current sent to its associated component. In my annoyed state, I pushed the power button in and held it causing the system to finally respond by essentiallyrebooting and coming back to life and working properly. Overall, it's been a good truck. Last year I had the occasional reboot to the intro screen as well. Ill try that. WebNo sounds at all. The speakers do look kind of rusted so im wondering if that could be the cause. Supercharge your procurement process, with industry leading expertise in sourcing of network backbone, colocation, and packet/optical network infrastructure. I finally tried various radio resets. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I was driving 400 miles without audio, Bluetooth, cruise control and critical engine warnings.

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