He Doesn't Mind, In a First, Subjects to Be Asked to Pledge Allegiance to King, Fountain of Youth? And then its past tense because youve then done everything you need to do to find the treasure at that point. Right away I just followed him around and felt like it was a good chance to chronicle him. Begin ittake it Is it and actual thing and not simply your quest? This area is a huge marsh with a much smaller section of trees. I do not know the person who found it, but the poem in my book led him to the precise spot, Fenn writes. His name is Jack Stuef, and in June, he found the treasure famously buried by author and retired art dealer Forrest Fenn somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, with a poem from Fenn's memoir, The. However, the author of this document, speculates that Jack ultimately found the treasure in a totally different location using some ulterior, less than honorable means. NOTHING about it will be accidental and The treasure will be found by someone who followed the clues to the location.. Was the damage the blaze suffered just poor dumb luck (like a tree falling, of all places, directly on the blaze or a localized landslide on an apparently stable slope occurring right at the chest site), or did Forrest Fenn simply grossly underestimate the ravishes of time and the forces of nature? These pictures also match the original picture posted by the "finder" in June of 2020. By Julia Jacobo December 8, 2020, 11:16 AM 2:19 National headlines from ABC News The latter seems more likely. After all, Jack had been obsessed with solving real-life mysteries that coupled monetary prizes since he was a kid. In the poem Take it in the canyon down is this referring to an actual, physical canyon? If you had arrived at the spot, only to realize you werent the first one there and the chest was gone. He declined to comment until his case is resolved, and its set to begin proceedings in June. Support us! After Fenn died in September it seemed like that day would never come. Well, the McCracken proceedings are set to begin in June. Q1 Are Forrest Fenns ashes at or are going to be at the treasure location? He found the treasure chest in the summer of 2020. And you get caught up in a lot of the drama, hanging on Fenns every word. He told me he hid it when he did because he was in Wyoming anyway for an event at the museum in Cody, so it was convenient to hide it on the same trip. Trash & recycling. Discord link- https://discord.gg/jWZCbEAp6r, According to the CNN article released 1 hour ago; Stuef said he'll never reveal the location where he found the chest to preserve the wildlife there and prevent other explorers from following his trail, which could be dangerous.. In the summer of 2020, the decade-long Forrest Fenn treasure hunt ended in a tangled mess of conspiracy theories, wild accusations, and protracted legal proceedings. The story isnt quite over. The online community plays a part in that. Does it tie the 2 lines together? Despite photos surfacing of the chest and its contents, Fenn said he wont reveal more details until the man from back East gives him the OK. That would be one way to securely solidify your place in history after all. They say exactly what he wanted to without giving too much away and requiring work to understand him to reveal what they mean. He has been identified as the person who found Rocky Mountain treasure. I ask that second question because I know I would have gone through it piece by piece. Ive answered a number of questions since the last installment of Jack Gets Mail that I thought were particularly illuminating or would be of interest to the wider group of searchers, so Ive put together another roundup of those emails. ABC News' Marilyn Heck and Clayton Sandell contributed to this report. In support of that motion, Davis signed an affidavit stating Fenn and Stuef revealed the location to her in August 2020 and that upon visiting itit's never stated that the treasure is indeed within the parkshe found the spot could not handle an influx of visitors. In a frivolous lawsuit, one accuses Fenn of deliberately terminating the quest by falsely . Members get 15+ publications right in your pocket. His view seemed to be that the location of the treasure became public information when Fenn published his poem. It turned out to be Jack Stuef, a. One accused Fenn of ending the hunt on purpose and lying when he announced the treasure was found in Wyoming. "Ive probably thought about it for at least a couple hours a day, every day, since I learned about it," Stuef said. The decade-long search for Forrest Fenns treasure ended two years ago, but the hunt for answers has not. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. Jack Stuef is the verified finder of the Fenn treasure chest. 5 Years Later, a Trial, Trump Requests Mistrial in E. Jean Carroll Case, Biden Holds Line on Talks, but Cracks Are Emerging, Aerosmith's Big Announcement: 'Think It's About Time', Texas Governor Slammed for Tweets After Mass Shooting, It's the Second-Largest Bank Failure in US History, On Day He Decided to Flee Khartoum, US Doctor Killed, Killer Confesses to Old Murder. Jack briefly communicated with Forrest over emails, but he did not know him personally until the chest find and had not met him in person. It was right there this whole time. He quickly identified the area of interest in Wyoming and spent 25 days over the next two years searching the location. I was doing a dual-purpose thing. Download the app. I for one, was in the court of the poem being straight forward. And not that it matters at all to you, but I just wanted to put my thoughts in a final resting place with the person who did what no one else could. private emails between Stuef and Fenn that occurred immediately after the treasure was found. Thats definitely one of the lines. It looks like someone is really thinking this through, he said. For a treasure hunt that was supposed to be real-life Indiana Jones. Wow, so congrats on doing what so many of us crazy searches tried and failed. Thankfully, the ratio of kind emails like yours to weird threats and conspiracy theories has been really high. He has been writing about the outdoor industry, running, cycling, camping, and more for nearly a decade. Evidence it was the place he wanted to die and evidence he saw the path there the way he describes seeing it in the poem. I think I was very close. City offices are open for regular business hours. Maybe he had time to prepare. In preparation, Sommer subpoenaed Stuef for a deposition. I think its vague to the reader coming into it cold, but those words held deep meaning for him. But if youre asking in the hopes you could find an urn there, no you could not. It was Yellowstone for me from day one. Jack Stuef, a 32-year-old medical student at the time, found the treasure in 2020. Transit. Watersas in a designated body of water(s) rather than simply a plural form of water? When a lucky searcher struck gold and found the chest in June, Fenn did not identify the winner, who wished to remain anonymous, and he did not reveal the location of the chest, telling ABC News after it was found that he "hid it in a pretty good place.". And that's when I learned that a 32-year-old Michigan native and medical student was the person who had finally solved Fenn's poem. (The affidavit doesnt specifically state that the treasure was in the park, just that the location is owned by the U.S. government and managed by the Department of the Interior. Stuef would be under oath and could be compelled to reveal the exact location of the treasure. Daviss verdict was that the area is not equipped to handle a heavy human presence, so they agreed to keep its location a secret. For information on a specific SEPTA route, view the real-time system status. At that time, you can make your decision on whether to keep it all, give it to me, subtract or add items, or whatever else you may decide.. His family wants that stuff to remain private, so I will not reveal if I did or not. As you read, youll laugh at misadventures, find relief when the treasure is found, and still have questions. A subreddit devoted to finding the hidden treasure of Forrest Fenn I will say I was aware of that comment and did offer to make that happen. Because I promised the finder I would not reveal who found it or where, I have remained mostly silent, Fenn writes. You have the ability to speak to the person who created the hunt. In June 2020, approximately three months before the death of Forrest Fenn, he revealed that the cache of valuables worth more than $1 million had been found. Jack Stuef. Stuef became hooked on the idea of finding the treasure after learning about it on Twitter in 2018, he told Outside magazine. I hope you are staying safe and anonymous for now. At that time, it had been going on for 7 years and I had not heard of it. French treasure hunter is suing Forrest Fenn's estate for $10million after claiming he was cheated out of finding hidden chest filled with gold and coins because it was MOVED after he solved. It took two months of correspondence before the man who found Forrest Fenns treasure told me his name, Barbarisi writes. For a little more than a decade, hundreds of thousands of people searched for a box of gold, jewelry, and rare coins hidden by the eccentric art dealer Forrest Fenn. Something like a needle in a haystack is accurate, but maybe slightly easier than that, or at least that was the design. It was under a canopy of stars in the lush, forested vegetation of the Rocky Mountains and had not moved from the spot where I hid it more Its been a month since Forrest Fenn announced his treasure was claimed, but the public is still not much closer to knowing the bountys location or finder. Forrest Fenn said multiple times that it could take hundreds of years for a seeker to succeed. [Carrie then includes a long list of all the coincidences she found]. Which brings us to Jamie McCracken, theFlorida man now hunting for treasure in a New Mexico courtroom. that the treasure was found in Yellowstone, which is why Stuef wouldnt share any specifics: found property. According to a document that recently turned up on. Thanks Spallies. Hi Jack, I hope you had a Merry Christmas, I have two questions concerning the final clue that you might entertain answering. The identity of the treasure hunter who decoded a clue-filled poem that led to a gold-filled chest tucked away in the Rocky Mountains has been revealed. But, seven months later, the finder has finally come forward. I would say he uses the semicolon correctly there as a connection of ideas in the stanza. September 7, 2020 Fenns family announces that Fenn has died of natural causes. So what was it that gave you so much confidence that your location was correct that you visited it 25 times in those two years? He is currently a Senior Editor at The Athletic, after years as a reporter atThe Wall Street JournalandThe Providence Journal. He seemed satisfied overall with his performance keeping the secret, and I agree it was impressive. Jack is now using his old search location as his story of how it was found. Also, and perhaps you can answer this question, did Forest know at the time that he made an error? GearJunkie Copyright 2013 2023. The number of people who go to the point that they were neglecting their home lives was pretty rare. Fenn died of natural causes in September at his home in Santa Fe, his family confirmed to ABC News. And he always said that there was a kind of fail-safe inside. from what i have seen, this profession is well-suited to someone with your logic/makeup. I think a majority of searchers were looking for a linear solution to a non-linear equation. That means that unless the government intervenes, say through a federal court injunction, Stuef will be questioned under oath. Hope you are doing well. The natural inclination for me would still be to research the man as much as possible. Here are a few questions Ive been wondering about: 1. In April, assistant U.S. attorney Kimberley Bell filed a motion to intervene in McCrackens case, arguing that publicizing the exact location of Fenns treasure would result in a surge of visitors and damage to the park.

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